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Franco Porporino Jr. – Renaissance Man


Franco Porporino Jr, Social Magazine

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Being an entrepreneur with a hedge fund, restaurant, and fashion line in the works, entering the music industry is just the beginning for Franco Porporino Jr. It all began in 2000, when Franco’s close friend, music producer and DJ Mike Rizzo convinced him to launch his own record label, Dolce Recordings, which was mostly dedicated to dance hall music. Fast forward to a decade later, and Franco’s new found friendship with Jamal Woolard, also known as Gravy, who played Biggie Smalls in the film Notorious, intrigued his interest to step back into the music scene. The only difference this time around was that he stepped into the world of Hip Hop. An industry that’s continuously evolving and hungry for new found talent, Franco incorporates his savvy business skills, passion for music, and knack at finding raw talent when at the drawing board behind the sound board. After spending much time with Jamal in the studio, Franco’s passion for music, especially Hip Hop grew, which became one of the main driving forces behind his venture into music production.
Fortunately for Franco, he has the privilege of being able to surround himself, and work with talents such as Sha Money XL, and Dupree Stewart, two of the main people that he credits for teaching him the ins and outs of music production and sound engineering. While Sha Money is known as the founder of G Unit Records, Def Jam’s A&R, and as of recently, the EVP at Sony Epic, Dupree for years has been tapped as one of the most talented music engineers in the game today, working with an array of artists from Jay Z, to Little Kim, & 50 cent.
Even though Franco is always keeping his eye out for fresh talent to sign to his label, an artist that he has been spending most of his studio time with is Georgio ‘GIGG’ Scalone. Referred to as a musical genius by many, GIGG is a 21 year old Hip Hop artist hailing from Woodbridge, NJ. Alongside Dupree, the two have taken GIGG under their wings, working day in and day out to develop and mold him into one of today’s most anticipated artists.
You might find the likes of Def Leppard, Barry White, and Bon Jovi on Franco’s iPod, but its legends such has Biggie Smalls that inspired him to enter the world of Hip Hop. Today, the industry has just gotten a taste of what Franco is about to bring into the world of Hip Hop. As for what this ‘Renaissance Man’s’ promising future holds with numerous projects and collaborations in the works, we will just have to sit back and watch as he rises to the top of the game.